The Miracle Shop is honored to provide new, high-quality toys for local children during the holidays.


Here are some important items to note if you'd like to be a shopper at The Miracle Shop: 


  • Pay Options: This is a store, not a hand-out. We ask that all shoppers pay what you can when you visit. You are buying these toys for your family in a way that's affordable to you - and it'll feel great knowing you had the dignity and opportunity to do so.

  • Clerks: you can work as a clerk at The Miracle Shop and earn "Miracle Bucks" to shop with too.

  • Number of Gifts: we ask you only purchase 3-4 gifts per child.  We want to ensure we can share with all who need it.

  • Eligibility: coming later we will have the contact person at your local Golden school who can sign you up for your specific shopping day and time.  


Shoppers are also the store advisors providing input on operations. And they are the clerks (earning miracle bucks they then use for shopping) when the Miracle Shop is open.  These advisors tell us they are excited about the opportunity to choose gifts for their children and that paying something feels better than receiving a handout.

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